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Whether you’re just starting out with 200 customers, or already have 200,000, you need to have the best platform to manage & create connections with every single one of them.

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Customers who launch Konnektive campaigns are more successful than those using other CRM’s. Not only will you get the best technology available today, but we’ll be there everystep of the way to answer any questions that you may have, or give advice that you many need.

Moving to Konnektive was the one of the best choice’s I could have made for my company. We were faced with dozens upon dozens of outages from our previous CRM, which caused us to lose a lot of money. Not only did we turn this around immediately with Konnektive, but the user interface and the functionality is superior in every way. These are awesome people to work with, and I have recommend them to everyone I know in this industry.

- Jesse Raddonco CEO

Truly all in one

You need to focus on your customers, not on a multitude of different software systems! Konnektive gives you everything that you need in one platform that will help you dominate.

Organize all of your contacts

Need customer contact info? That’s easy! Want their activity history? It’s right here! Need to follow up with potential customers to maximize profits? You’ve got that ability &information in the same location as all the other data you could possibly need! Work faster & more effectively with Konnektive.

Connect with automated emails

Set up every email that you will need to send to customers all in advance, all to be sent out automatically, according to your parameters. Each one will be tailored to that specific customer too, no generic “Dear Sir/Madam emails with Konnektive!

Manage sales effortlessly

Konnektive’s SmartFunnel system will empower your sales like never before. Just set it up and watch it flawlessly guide your customers through your entire sales path, tracking all the needed data the entire way!

Create perfect campaigns

Using Konnektive’s campaign wizard, you can select your products, build and launch your campaign in record breaking time. You can also add products (main and upsells), set up your billing, offer configuration (includingtrial periods & billings cycles) and select your merchant accounts. No matter where your customers are, Konnektive has you covered because we support all languages!

Maximize sales using e-commerce

Bring in more sales by selling online 24/7 with our full e-commerce shopping cart. It’s complete with a WordPress Plugin, there’s no better or easier cart technology available today!

Peak performance with the right data

Put an end to guessing what the next step should be. When you have all the data at your fingertips you will know the precisely how your contacts have reacted to your previous marketing. When you know that, you can customize your future communications with them & get better results!

Save time and make more money with Konnektive CRM


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Source: konnektive user survey
Real Konnektive Customer

The most exciting discovery I have made is the Konnektive CRM solution. As a matter of fact it is one of the most exciting discoveries I have made in my 20 years as a client and consultant in the DRTV industry. I have been searching for years for a cost effective and flexible CRM Software solution to help my clients and I run our businesses from the customer point of view. The database of any business is its most vital asset. If you do not know exactly where your customer has come from, what they are buying, what they want to buy next and all of the financial modeling to go with this information you are challenged with guessing how to communicate and manage your customer database. In this day and age you can’t afford to guess. Konnektive takes all of the guesswork out and gives you true intelligence so you can communicate in a relative and personal manner so your customers will trust you and buy from you longer. There are other very cool features and benefits to the Konnektive Solution but this to me is the most important…take a look I guarantee you will be impressed!

- Kim Price, CEO

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